Overnighting on the lake or inter-coastal waterway, this style boat is for you.  Averaging 35’ in length and the ability to sleep 4 people on average with full hotel style amenities, this is a luxury at its finest.  Cruisers are typically kept in the water or dry dock storage facilities and rarely towed given their size and weight.  This class goes up to 40’ and can easily cost more than $1M.





Focusing on the interior of your boat with Vinyl Sauce and Condition Sauce will keep it soft, safe and beautiful for years to come.  As for the outside, if you are in a marina, you can wash the deck (careful with marina regulations) or you hire a local preferred boat cleaning company to clean the outside.  You work hard and deserve R&R, let the professionals handle the outside and you can maintain the interior in about 10 minutes per visit.



Cruisers is a specific category of boating and more information can be found here.  http://www.discoverboating.com/buying/boat/cabin-cruisers