My entire life I have always been taught that nothing is out of reach if you truly want it and put everything you have into reaching that goal. Growing up in Central Arkansas I was surrounded by many outdoor opportunities which eventually led to the deep desire to eventually become a full time professional angler.

I recently graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a degree in Environmental Biology. I have since began to focus all my efforts on the FLW Tour and Rayovac Series.

I have a deep support system consisting of family, friends, and a set of truly amazing companies. I pride myself on being humble and always learning from both the people I meet within the sport and the events themselves.

Like many people, I also realize the great importance of passing on the love of fishing to the next generation and enjoy taking any chance to spread the excitement of the outdoors to the younger generation, just as it was to me.

All this in hopes that others will later be given the same great outdoor opportunities. I look forward to the upcoming seasons where I can continue to work hard towards all of these goals, meet great fans, and enjoy the great competition that this sport offers!