The Challenge Returns

  • Register at - no purchase is necessary
  • Boat Bling will select a weekly winner for the Get Sauced Package and a Monthly Package that will include a large Boat Bling package plus promotional items from industry partners.
  • On August 1st – Boat Bling will draw a Grand Prize Winner to be the “Amateur Challenger”
  • This Amateur Challenger will receive a trip to the Forrest Wood Cup in Hot Springs, Arkansas complete with airfare and hotel accommodations for 2 and VIP access to the Forrest Wood Cup.
  • On Monday, August 24, 2015, the Amateur Challenger will fish against a Boat Bling Pro for 6 hours.  3 Hours in the Front, 3 Hours in the Back of the boat.
  • At the end of 6 hours, all Fish will be brought to the dock and will be officially weighed in by FLW Staff on an official FLW Scale.
  • Total Weight for the Pro and the Amateur Challenger will be compared.
  • If the Amateur Challenger has more weight than the Pro, he/she will earn $1000.
  • To win the Ranger Boat, the Amateur Challenger’s Total Weight will be converted to Ounces.
  • The Amateur Challenger’s Total Weight in Ounces will be entered into a secure Contest Webpage.  If the Total Weight equals the Secret Number on the Contest Webpage, the Amateur Challenger will WIN THE NEW RANGER BOAT.
Mitch Kistner